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Gurpreet Weds Manjit

We first met each other on Marriage Rubru site. This is all happened just because of Pita ji's grace. Before marriage, I was living in Zirakpur since 2017 and never had a thought to create an account on marriage Ru-B-Ru. My parents had started looking for a good match since 2019 but didn't found any perfect. And it was all keep going. One day, My sister had suggested me to create an account on Marriage Ru-B-Ru. So i did that. In few days, I found couple of matches as per the filled preference. I had a word with them but things were not like what i was expected. One day, A request came from Manjit. I had gone through the profile and it was looks good to me. I have started talking to him. And i never felt like we are strangers. As we started interacting, we get to know that we have so much thing in common. Then i have finalised that yes, this is one with whom i want to spend rest of my life.